The Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011-2016, the government’s guide in formulating policies and implementing development programs for the next six (6) years, identified the National Convergence Initiative for Sustainable Rural Development (NCI-SRD) as a strategy that can contribute to inclusive growth and poverty reduction, particularly in the countryside, through complementation of efforts in the rural sector. It also identified the NCI-SRD as a strategy to improve, conserve, protect, and rehabilitate natural resources through the development and implementation of environment-friendly enterprise and livelihood opportunities.

The objectives of the NCI-SRD as provided in the PDP 2011-2016 include:

  1. Ensuring the completion of the CARPER and the program’s unfinished proceedings by 2016[NM1];
  2. Rationalizing land use policies and strengthen the system of land property rights[G2];
  3. Promoting sustainable agriculture and preserve the land resource base;
  4. Enhancing the investment and opportunity climate for agribusiness;
  5. Promoting sustainable upland development and forest management; and
  6. Initiating climate change adaptation and mitigation measures[G3].

[NM1]DAR’s comment
[G2]For consultation with LMB
[G3]The participation of the Climate Change Commission can be by invitation. The individual agencies has their respective CCA programs/departments.