The National Steering Committee

The NSC is the policy-making body of the NCI-SRD. It issues all policies related to the implementation of convergence initiatives. This includes issuance of policy and operational directives for NCI-SRD implementers to adhere to.  It also reviews fulfilment of the commitments of the respective agencies related to NCI-SRD.

The Secretary of the DA shall act as Lead Convenor while the Secretaries of the DAR, DENR and DILG shall act as Co-Convenors. The Secretaries shall appoint their respective permanent alternate representative with a rank of Undersecretary.

The NSC approves the implementation and coordination structure of NCI-SRD, including the appointment of the National Focal Person and the membership of the National Convergence Initiative - Technical Working Groups (NCI-TWG).

The NCI-TWG headed by the National Focal Person serves as the advisory and recommendatory body to the NSC on matters related to the implementation of NCI-SRD.