by Joanna L. Olson, DA RFO 10

The departments of Agri­culture (DA), Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Agrarian Reform (DAR) and Interior Local Governance (DILG) have convened with the repre­sentatives from the local government units (LGUs), under the Mt. Balatukan Range cluster, last week, in the town of Balingasag, Mis­amis Oriental for an Ori­entation on the Enhanced Convergence Initiative.


As the Program’s execution of projects is anchored on the principle of complementing the resources and expertise among the four national government agencies while underscoring the primacy of the LGUs in determining what interventions should be appropriated in their re­spective areas, the local chief executives, Sangguniang Bayan members, city/mu­nicipal agriculturists, city/municipal planning devel­opment coordinators, city/municipal environment and natural resources of­ficers and other stakehold­ers were called to a briefing as they were imparted about the Convergence Initiative, particularly on the roles that they should assume for the maximization of its exist­ence to convey broader and sustainable impact to the populace of the said cluster.

Through the orientation, the quartet is optimistic that they will have a thorough understanding on the Con­vergence Initiative and ul­timately, come up with the inputs for the preparation of a Convergence Area Devel­opment Plan, which is slat­ed to be presented before the group by the end of March 2016.

Issues arising from the meeting include clarifica­tions on whether the Con­vergence Initiative will be requiring the seals of good local governance and finan­cial housekeeping, among others as well as requesting for a complete list of the pri­ority interventions from the 4 implementing NGAs of the Convergence Initiative.