by Jake Lorenz Aldovino

The Region 3 Convergence Initiative (RCI 3) had its Orientation on NCI-SRD, Orientation on the Convergence Area Development Plan (CADP) Preparation and Implementation, and RCI Meeting last February 22-24, 2016, all in one blow. Conduct of the said activity was brought about by the change in the structure of the RCI Technical Working Group (RCI-TWG) as well as the change in scope of what municipalities the RCI shall focus on.

Upon the implementation of the Ratification Plan, changes in the composition of the respective NCI-SRD agencies took place. Thus, a change in the representation of the member agencies of the RCI-TWG took place as well. Re-orientation of the new members of the RCI-TWG on what the NCI-SRD is all about was deemed necessary.


Also, one of the aim of the activity was to give the participants an orientation on CADP Preparation and Implementation Using Available Plans and Maps. The major topic discussed was the identification of three (3) municipalities and one (1) city namely Concepcion, Capas, San Jose, and Tarlac City as the scope of the CADP. All of the identified areas fall within Tarlac City Watershed with the O’donell River System as its tributary. They were identified upon the previous deliberations of the RCI-TWG in accordance with the guiding principle of the NCI-SRD to consider the Integrated Ecosystem Management (IEM) Approach or more commonly known as the Ridge-to-Reef Approach.

In line with the said activities, the regular meeting of the RCI-TWG was also conducted. Ways forward of the Regional Convergence Initiative was discussed. They dug deeper into the planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring aspect of the Convergence Initiative which shall be done jointly by the member agencies in relation to the present and future activities of the TWG in the region.